Portfolio Hilde Vleugels

Portfolio Hilde Vleugels

Creativity: the common thread in my life


Since 2016 I spend several months a year on La Palma (Franceses, Garafia) and the other time I live and work in my native Belgium (Antwerp). The island is inspiring and I’m very productive as a visual artist. But artistic expression has always been basic food to me.


As a child, I loved writing and collage techniques, but as an adult theater became my first love.

I followed a drama course at the Theater Academy of Maastricht, Netherlands (1978-1982). During that period I was workingas an actor, director and/or teacher of drama at Figurentheater Propop, Theater Het Gevolg, Tiem Turnhout, Theaterwerkgroep Kopspel…


Art and Psychotherapy

The expression of the human psyche fascinates me. I followed a four-year course Gestalt (1985-1989) and several other psychotherapeutic trainings.

Together with Bruno Van den Bosch, we founded in 1989 the Educatieve Academie (www.educatieve-academie.be). There, we developed Conceptual Interaction,an integrative form of therapy: shaping  in interaction.

Along with my work as a board member of the Academy, I teach psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists. The therapeutic power of art (visual art and drama) is the main area of my work.



The written word has become my passion.

I have published:

‘Scherven’ (2005), about the therapeutic power of art, images and stories.

Together with Bruno Van den Bosch I have written ‘Veranderende denkbeelden in psychotherapy’ (2009), about Conceptual Interaction.

A few years later appeared ‘Kladblok met verbannen woorden’ (2012), a novel.

During the spring of 2021 my book about creativity as an healing and connecting force was published: The Chaos Whisperer, About psychotherapy and art (in Dutch): De Chaosfluisteraar, over kunst en psychotherapie. Creativiteit als helende en verbindende kracht. Uitgeverij Witsand, Antwerpen.


Furthermore, I still publish articles in ‘Metaphor’, a journal for psychotherapists and ‘Interactive’, the journal of the Academie. Art and psychotherapy are often the theme.


Visual art

In recent years my passion for Visual shaping has resulted in several exhibitions. Most of them were created in collaboration with Theo Dirkx and Bruno Van den Bosch

‘Blaadjes’ (Leaves), March 2018, Antwerp

‘Nobody in Particular’, February 2019, Antwerp


‘Woman in the Sand’, September 2019, Oostmalle

‘De Chaosfluisteraar’ september – november 2021, Antwerpen